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    Club Nargile - May Social

    Club Nargile - Hookah and Shisha

    Hello All, join us in exploring one of the hookah lounges of Chicago. For this social we will be heading Lux Chateau in Lombard.

    Lilac Festival at Lilacia Park

    Free Photo Workshops and Great Photo Walks

    The "Lilac Time" festival is in process, and the lilacs should be in full bloom on Sunday, May 19. Lilacia Park is an 8.5 acre garden with over 700 lilac bushes, plus an additional 25,000 tulips, many of which will still be blooming. The lilacs...

    Spiritual Sunday Service-Music, Healing, Readings for your Soul!!

    The Gathering Lighthouse Spiritual Education Center

    Spiritual Sunday Service - Messages of love & inspiration from here & the other side...Bring a friend to experience the Loving Presence of the Angels as they come through with the "Blessing of the Bells"! Arrive at 10:50 am Services begin...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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