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    Hatha Yoga program (Surya Kriya) by ISHA Foundation
    8-18-19 11:00 am - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    Inner Engineering Chicago (Isha Yoga & Meditation Classes)

    Isha Hatha Yoga (Surya Kriya) Surya Kriya is a powerful process of activating the solar power within you.”- Sadhguru“Surya” means “sun,” and “kriya” means “inner energy process”. This gentle, slow-paced, 21-step process is a way...

    Come Hit at Sunday Tennis Meetup, Warm-ups and Match Play All Levels
    8-18-19 11:00 am - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    Lombard Area Outdoor Tennis Group

    Welcome all members come and enjoy tennis with us! $2 cash. 24 spots available Bring your, racquet, tennis shoes, and plenty of water~This will be a fun friendly group play tiered event based on skill levels. Please check in and get your tennis...

    Spiritual Sunday Service-Music, Healing, Readings for your Soul!!
    8-18-19 11:00 am - The Gathering Lighthouse Center
    The Gathering Lighthouse Spiritual Education Center

    Spiritual Sunday Service - Messages of love & inspiration from here & the other side...Bring a friend to experience the Loving Presence of the Angels as they come through with the "Blessing of the Bells"! Arrive at 10:50 am Services begin...

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